Falmouth Town Garden

This attractive garden surrounds a newly built contemporary home in the heart of Falmouth.  Large modern glazing frames the garden from the indoor living area.

The original sloping site required the construction of terracing and raised borders.  A mix of reclaimed and new materials were used to build the walls, linking the garden to both its old and modern surroundings.  

Plant borders flank all four sides of the house offering a range of planting conditions from cool and shady to hot and sunny.  A variety of planting combinations fill the borders - from Tree Ferns and Hydrangeas to Olives and Lavender.  Large mature planting in the surrounding gardens provides an established backdrop to the new garden.  

Rear garden terracing

Olive and lavender thrive in the borders on the hot sunny side of the garden.

Mid summer colour fills the plant borders that surround the house.

Asters provide late summer colour through the borders

Early summer colour

Front garden and entrance

A sunny terrace to enjoy the garden

Reclaimed slate from the original garden laid into the gravel paths that lead around the house.

Shrubs, roses and perennials fill the borders offering a succession of colour throughout the year.

A cool shady border adjacent to the drive provides the ideal conditions for ferns, acers, epemediums and Photinina.