Jo gardens offers a range of services depending on your needs and budget from a one off consulatation to the preparation of a complete garden design, which will include concept drawings, outline plans, construction details and planting plans.

Garden Design Services

  • A 'one-off' consultation visit to advise on basic garden design, planting schemes and/or horticulture.
  • complete design service for gardens of all sizes. From the initial visit through to the implementation of the new garden.
  • The process begins with an initial consultation to discuss and assess the garden site, to talk through ideas, styles, features and to determine what you want from your garden. Following this meeting a design proposal will be written up and sent to you, together with a quotation for all future design work.
  • Design Work.   An accurate site survey is undertaken to determine the aspect, boundaries, ground levels, soil conditions, existing trees, plants and features.  (Where the site is especially large or complex Jo gardens will arrange for the survey to be carried out by a Chartered Land Surveyor).
  •  From  the information gathered, a series of concept drawings are produced. These will include sketches of the proposed scheme, planting ideas and suggested materials.  Further discussions will lead to the development of the final outline plan.
  • The outline plan will be a detailed and accurate scaled plan drawing in black and white, together with notes and construction details.  This plan will show details of the proposed garden features e.g. paving, lawns, paths, water features, borders, pergolas etc. and will assist a landscape contractor to quote accurately.
  • Introductions to landscape contractors, monitoring of the garden construction and planting can all be managed by Jo gardens.
  • design only service is also available.

Planting Services

  • Ideas for transforming or rejuvenating existing garden borders.
  • Detailed planting schemes for individual borders or for the whole garden. A planting plan is hand-drawn to scale, showing plant names, positions and quantities.
  • Advice on structural and seasonal planting to introduce year round colour and interest into a garden.
  • The sourcing and supplying of high quality plants from reputable nurseries.
  • Plant border preparation and installation of the plants.

When selecting plants for your garden it is important to choose the right plant for the right place. Jo gardens carefully selects plants to suit your soil, aspect, colour preferences and lifestyle.

Irrigation Systems

  • Design and installation of irrigation systems
  • Particulary useful for holiday homes and newly planted gardens 

A dripper hose system connected to a timer

A bark mulch is laid over the irrigation pipework to retain moisture, reduce weeds and conceal the pipework.